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HVAC Service Repairs

HVAC Service Repairs

We at Evergreen State Heat & AC have been performing air duct replacement along with servicing furnaces and heat pumps in Snohomish County residences and businesses for over 45 years.

If you have a problem give us a call at 425.252.3114 and ask for the Service Coordinator. To keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and optimally, ask us about a preventive maintenance agreement. If your system is not working optimally or efficiently Evergreen State has a full staff of trained technicians ready to get your system working properly. We give a 15% discount to customers who have a preventive maintenance agreement with our company.
Below are the things we check for in a typical service call.

General Heating & Cooling:

  • Check for plugged filters that need to be replaced, repaired or cleaned
  • Check for power to the unit(s)
  • Check condition of thermostat and low voltage wiring
  • Check condition of supply and return air ductwork; including seal, air flow and insulation
  • Check all motors and internal airflow blowers
  • Check all condensate pumps and piping (if applicable)


  • Check combustion air in 80% furnaces
  • Check exhaust venting
  • Check all pilots and/or ignition controls
  • Check all combustion jets
  • Check inducer motor and pressure switches

Air Conditioners (new):

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check condition of coils
  • Check the thermal expansion valve
  • Check line-set for leaks
  • Check compressor
  • Check all capacitors, sequencers, contactors and relays

Heat Pumps:

  • All items covered above plus the following
  • Check air handler unit operation
  • Check reversing valve
  • Check the defrost control and hard start systems
  • Check outdoor thermostat (if applicable)

Evergreen State Heat & AC, a HVAC maintenance company that will repair and keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and optimally.

Recent Testimonial

"This is my 2nd ductless system and I know how hard it is to find someone who knows the technology or even what to expect in heating ones home. After 8 bids on this current system it became obvious that Leslie, Evergreen States heating consultant/sales person, knew her product, cared about what the customer needs and wants were and could offer various options and considerations. For example: the only representative explaining that the electrician could replace some existing breakers with smaller ones in the older panel so as not having to give up existing electric wall units for backup heat. Same product as other bids but she knew various current Mfg. discounts which varied between available models. The quoted cost was on the lower end of all 8 bids. The actual install was smooth with no issues. There was no push for up-front payments or immediate full payment. They handled all the permit applications and pud rebate paperwork. System has worked perfect from the start and after a month there have been no problems."

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