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HVAC Service Repairs

HVAC Service Repairs

We at Evergreen State Heat & AC have been performing air duct replacement along with servicing furnaces and heat pumps in Snohomish County residences and businesses for over 45 years.

If you have a problem give us a call at 425.252.3114 and ask for the Service Coordinator. To keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and optimally, ask us about a preventive maintenance agreement. If your system is not working optimally or efficiently Evergreen State has a full staff of trained technicians ready to get your system working properly. We give a 15% discount to customers who have a preventive maintenance agreement with our company.
Below are the things we check for in a typical service call.

General Heating & Cooling:

  • Check for plugged filters that need to be replaced, repaired or cleaned
  • Check for power to the unit(s)
  • Check condition of thermostat and low voltage wiring
  • Check condition of supply and return air ductwork; including seal, air flow and insulation
  • Check all motors and internal airflow blowers
  • Check all condensate pumps and piping (if applicable)


  • Check combustion air in 80% furnaces
  • Check exhaust venting
  • Check all pilots and/or ignition controls
  • Check all combustion jets
  • Check inducer motor and pressure switches

Air Conditioners (new):

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check condition of coils
  • Check the thermal expansion valve
  • Check line-set for leaks
  • Check compressor
  • Check all capacitors, sequencers, contactors and relays

Heat Pumps:

  • All items covered above plus the following
  • Check air handler unit operation
  • Check reversing valve
  • Check the defrost control and hard start systems
  • Check outdoor thermostat (if applicable)

Evergreen State Heat & AC, a HVAC maintenance company that will repair and keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and optimally.

Recent Testimonial

"Evergreen State Heating & AC was a great team. Very caring & courteous from first service call to final installation. Thank you!"

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Job Score: 100
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