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Best Furnace, Best HVAC Contractor, Best Price

Best Furnace, Best HVAC Contractor, Best Price

There is an old saying by contractors "Highest quality, quickest response, lowest price; pick 2 out of 3". With Trane & Evergreen State Heat & AC however you can get the best equipment, best installation quality and lowest price.

*There is only one catch, by lowest price we mean the lowest “life cycle price”. The “life cycle price” being:

  • Initial Investment – What you will pay Evergreen State Heat & AC to perform the quality installation
  • Energy Costs – What you will pay for in your utility bills over the life of the system
  • Service & Maintenance – The costs for Evergreen State Heat & AC to optimally maintain your system
  • System Life – The length of time the system will be in your home before replacement and/or the residual value of a clean and proper installation to whomever purchases your home should you leave beforehand
  • Peace of Mind – The intangible cost of knowing that after the installation, there is the support of a 40 year old company with the best staff and technicians to be around when you need them

Your next question is “but will the initial investment for a system by Evergreen State Heat & AC be less than anyone else?” The short answer is no, you can always find an independent operator or HVAC contractor, with little or no overhead, willing to do the same job, with the same equipment at a lower price. Evergreen State Heat & AC will charge a reasonable and competitive price for all HVAC services rendered, but makes no promises of being the cheapest.

The next logical question is “so if you are not the lowest initial investment alternative, what specifically justifies your price premium over an independent operator with little or no overhead?

Reason #1, No Installation Short-cuts

The “box” installed in your home is 20-50% of the initial purchase price. A low bidder can make more money than a competent dealer by taking a few shortcuts. It would be better to buy an inferior furnace with a superior installation, than a name-brand furnace with an inferior installation.

What problems can an inferior HVAC installation cause? To name a few, they are:

  • Personal safety (gas leaks, electrocution)
  • Mold and indoor air quality issues
  • Shortened system lifespan
  • Excessive warranty and repairs
  • Excessive energy consumption
  • Excessive noise
  • Poor airflow
  • Temperature control and other comfort issues
  • An ugly eyesore in the garage, basement; etc

The reality is with every new HVAC system a multitude of things can go wrong in addition to poor workmanship:

  • incorrect system sizing and design;
  • poor venting;
  • poor supply ducting;
  • poor return air;
  • poor combustion air;
  • poor system charging or inlet pressure setting;
  • etc.

Reason #2, Honor Warranty

After the car sale you can have any dealer do warranty or service work; people naturally assume a 10 year parts & labor furnace warranty is equally transferable; people also assume that if there are installation errors within the 1 year period they can get the contractor out within 24 hours to honor repair to a poorly installed system. Independent operators will frequently claim technical and quality expertise they do not have during the sales process, with the homeowner to find out that the company cannot afford to hire qualified technicians for service and repair. 10-year parts and labor extended warranties are money losers for the dealer (who are never reimbursed for the full costs of repair).

The reality is that service and warranty work done by a different dealer is either a money-losing proposition, or the dealer needs to bulk up a repair estimate to cover lost costs. Because of the overhead costs to keep service trucks on the road, and high incidence of warranty on older systems, service departments are usually money losers; independent operators simply cannot afford the overhead of service departments.

Reason #3, Undercapitalization & Bankruptcy

Most independent operators sell systems with the promise of lowest price, these same operators usually lack financial understanding; these two facts make for a bad combination. What does a bankrupt HVAC contractor mean to you as the customer? It means you no longer have a warranty; several times a year we are asked by people who bought a cheaper system with a 10 year parts & labor warranty elsewhere for a warranty repair. Our response is that we must charge full pricing (no discounts) for all of our work, and if we get money back from the manufacturer we reimburse that amount to the service customer.

We give maximum service discounts to our own installation customers, we do not discount for other installations.

Evergreen State Heat & AC you get the best equipment, best installation quality and lowest price for residential hvac & heat pump systems.

Recent Testimonial

"I did a thorough search of HVAC contractors to replace my old furnace and add an air conditioning system. Evergreen's Sales person, Leslie was prompt to respond on initial survey and throughout the entire process, she kept me informed of what was next, when it would happen and who would do it. They configured a Trane system to meet our needs and Rich the lead installer came out prior to the job to ascertain what exactly his crew needed to do and a few days later, Rich and Zach arrived with everything needed to do the job and it was finished on schedule, with minimal hiccups... Kudos to the whole team at Evergreen... they did exactly what they said would, on time, on budget, and left no mess at the site. I highly recommend them, and would hire them again."

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