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Commercial Prepaid HVAC Maintenance Plan

Commercial Prepaid HVAC Maintenance Plan

Our goal is to reduce operating cost, improve comfort conditions, and address all heating, ventilation and air conditioning concerns.

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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Benefits

Evergreen State Heat & AC takes pride in the knowledge that we are one of the most respected HVAC contractors in Snohomish County. Our experienced staff is able to design, install, service and maintain all types of commercial applications. It is our goal to exceed your comfort expectations while staying within your budget.

Maintenance is important for efficiency and longevity undeniably but has more recently been directly linked to Indoor Air Quality. Serious incidences of poor IAQ are related to Sick Building Syndrome, which is defined by more than 20% of employees experiencing headaches, fatigue, problems concentrating, itchy nose and eyes, etc… The studies on SBS show a direct correlation that IAQ can drastically affect employee health, attendance and productivity.

We will work together to ensure that there are not unnecessary complaints and health issues do to poorly maintained heating and cooling equipment.

Some of the key HVAC maintenance benefits are:

Building Survey & Analysis: We provide customers with a comprehensive look at their buildings’ environmental and energy systems. By identifying existing comfort issues and analyzing operating procedures we are able to provide energy efficient, cost effective recommendations.

Mechanical Systems Survey: An important aspect of the evaluation process is the surveying of existing mechanical equipment and control components. Identifying the age, condition, and repairs status of these systems can often times reveal the sources soaring operating cost and comfort complaints.

Financial Analysis: The review of the facility’s operating cost plays an important part in our ability to provide professional recommendations. Understanding historical repair, maintenance, and equipment replacement expenditures helps put a face on budgetary requirements and future financial goals. For buildings that have multiple pieces of equipment that are reaching the end of their viable life span we can put together a budget so that replacements can be done for three to four pieces of equipment at a time to help alleviate some of the financial burden. We can also meet when budgeting for your upcoming years expenses so that we can allocate the necessary amount to cover your HVAC needs.

Recommendations: Ultimately, our goal is to reduce operating cost, improve comfort conditions, and address all heating, ventilation and air conditioning concerns. We will accomplish these goals by working with you, your staff, our managers and service technicians to develop a comprehensive plan for facility improvements.

Extended equipment life reduces ownership cost: It’s statistically proven that neglecting to perform routine maintenance on mechanical systems results in the steady decline of equipment energy efficiency and durability. The end result amounts to premature failures, soaring operating cost and unforeseen replacement expenses, even unsatisfied tenants.

Optimum energy consumption reduces operating costs: The most easily measured return on the maintenance dollar is increased energy efficiency. Poorly calibrated thermostats and dirty condenser coils consume far more energy than well-maintained systems. For example, even a lightly soiled coil can increase operating expenses by as much as 15-25%. As the coil continues to soil, the system may begin to experience difficulty in cooling the conditioned space, and may go off on high head pressure resulting in an unwanted service call.

Maintaining equipment protects the value of your system: High-quality maintenance to an HVAC system parallels the important of maintenance for the family car. The superbly cared-for car operates better, consumes less gas and oil, and runs longer, the same can be said for HVAC equipment.

ESA customer discount: Not only will you have fewer, less costly repairs, but we will provide deep discounts on all work required to keep equipment operating efficiently. As an added bonus, ESA customers pay significantly discounted prices for any after hours or weekend emergency service calls. We offer this benefit as a reward to our loyal customers, realizing their heating and cooling systems are paramount in providing a productive work environment and a profitable business.

Priority scheduling: ESA customers are always first priority during very cold winter months and hot summer days. ESA customers receive preferential scheduling with 24/7 dispatching capabilities and guaranteed arrival times. We accomplish this by having the most on the roads at all times; more than any other North Snohomish County contractor. We take pride in our ability to respond quickly to any call.

Peace of mind: We have been in business in Snohomish County for over 38 years and continue to live up to our promises. We promise to provide customers with a professional, well trained, drug free service technician to completely survey and understand your HVAC system.

Evergreen State Heat & AC, a HVAC maintenance company that will repair and keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently and optimally.

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