Thermostat & Filter Training

By popular demand Evergreen State Heat & AC has put together an interactive thermostat module for our customers.


We regularly have customers call in requesting help with programming their thermostats and rather than charging for a technician to come out to your house we decided to post the user manuals along with a demonstration module that allows you to set-up and program a mock thermostat directly from your computer. Over the last 40 years that Evergreen State Heat & AC has been in business we have installed many different thermostats so if you don’t find the thermostat that you have please call our offices for further assistance.

Product Demo And Manuals

  • XL950 ComfortLink™ II Thermostat
    ComfortLink™ IIAmazingly versatile, incredibly advanced, the ComfortLink™ II thermostat integrates home comfort into your personal lifestyle like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

    Download User Manual In PDF Format

  • Vision Pro
    VisionProThe latest in 7 day programmable touch screen thermostats (low voltage).  Up to 3 Heat and 2 Cool.  Conventional and Heat Pump systems.

    Download User Manual In PDF Format
    Open Thermostat Interactive Demo

  • FocusPro 6000
    FocusPro 6000Programmable thermostat (5-1-1).  Instructions stored in thermostat with pop out battery changer (low voltage). Up to 2 Heat and 2 Cool.  Conventional and Heat Pump systems.

    Download User Manual in PDF Format

  • Chronotherm IV (T8602C)
    Chronotherm IV7 day programmable, low voltage thermostat. Heating and cooling. Conventional and Heat pump systems. Various models, up to 3 Heat and 3 Cool (Heat pump systems) and 2 Heat and 2 Cool (Conventional Systems).

    Download User Manual in PDF Format

  • Remember to clean your filters at least every three months.
    It is very easy to do.

    Trane CleanEffects™ Cleaning Instructions

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