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HEATWISE South Everett: Successful Ductless Heat Pump Program 2014

Evergreen was chosen as the installer for the 2014 HEATWISE South Everett ductless heat pump project. 40 happy PUD customers are now enjoying energy savings.

South Everett ductless heat pump project.

In 2013 a non-profit organization whose goal is to lower the carbon footprint in the Pacific Northwest, called Northwest SEED, partnered with Snohomish County PUD for a ductless heat pump promotion program.  The goal was to use economy of scale to get the best pricing and quality with a trusted PUD contractor and target a geographical area that has an abundance of high usage electrically heated homes.  The two organizations created a panel of homeowners in the South Everett area that would be tasked with interviewing all the contractor applicants to choose one that would be the best fit for the program.

Initially there were over a dozen contractor applicants who installed ductless heat pumps through the PUD program.  After a variety of submittals and company interviews, Evergreen State Heat & AC was happily chosen to undertake this pilot program.  The decisive criteria for our selection was:  length of service with the PUD program; history of installation excellence and customer satisfaction; the high quality reputation of Mitsubishi (we are a Mitsubishi Triple Diamond Dealer, one of only a very few in the county), and dedication to supporting the South Everett community.

At the time of final review, it came down to two contractors.  What was also interesting was that our scheduled pricing was about 10% higher than the other finalist, and our company was less than half their size (a significant issue as all panelists were concerned with capacity to install).  During the final interview we had our lead installer, Cliff Anderson, along with the program champion and Residential Comfort Consultant, Leslie Chapman, and owner, Russ Kimball, to show company commitment.  We were able to convey to the panel the value of our installation capability, as well as the quality of Mitsubishi, that proved decisive in the final decision.

In the fall of 2014 the program was fully implemented and we had close to 40 ductless heat pump installations in a 3 month period.  Northwest SEED did a survey of all installation participants.  94% of the recipients found their experience working with Evergreen State Heat & AC ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’; 6% rated us ‘Good’; and ZERO rated us as ‘Fair’  or ‘Poor’. The participants were given access to special financing options, low cost installations, and a higher than advertised rebate from the PUD which made this the most affordable option for them. We are so pleased to have been a part of this project are looking forward to offering a similar program in the coming months to potential homeowners.

If you have an interest in a ductless heat pump (or any kind of heating or cooling system for that matter) please give us a call! We provide free in home consultations.

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"I did a thorough search of HVAC contractors to replace my old furnace and add an air conditioning system. Evergreen's Sales person, Leslie was prompt to respond on initial survey and throughout the entire process, she kept me informed of what was next, when it would happen and who would do it. They configured a Trane system to meet our needs and Rich the lead installer came out prior to the job to ascertain what exactly his crew needed to do and a few days later, Rich and Zach arrived with everything needed to do the job and it was finished on schedule, with minimal hiccups... Kudos to the whole team at Evergreen... they did exactly what they said would, on time, on budget, and left no mess at the site. I highly recommend them, and would hire them again."

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