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HEATWISE: South Everett – Ductless Heat Pump Project

Offering limited time discounts on ductless heat pump installations for homeowners who qualify under the HEATWISE program guidelines.


We are thrilled to announce we have been selected by Snohomish County PUD and Northwest SEED as the contractor for the upcoming HEATWISE: South Everett Ductless campaign. This program is designed to educate homeowners in the geographical area pictured above on the benefits of installing a ductless heat pump in their home. We are offering a group discount for a limited time to participants of this program. As a homeowner you will get the same high quality product and installation that Evergreen State Heat & AC provides to all of its customers but at a reduced price. We are proud to be part of this program that focuses on helping people in our community to save money on their heating and cooling bills while fostering a sense of neighborly love.

There will be workshops scheduled in June, July, and August that you can register for here. Once you have attended one of these free workshops you will be eligible for this limited time discount. You are also eligible for the SNOPUD Ductless rebate of $1,200 and a rebate from Mitsubishi (depending on the size of the system).

Currently Northwest SEED is looking for volunteers in this community to help get the word out. There are several events within the South Everett area that SNOPUD and Northwest SEED will be attending to reach out to potential participants and they need volunteers to help. See the description below and contact Katie Breene with Northwest SEED if you are interested,


Goal: Spread the word about the HEATWISE program and encourage community members to participate

  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer assignments
  • Recruit support from local groups
  • Develop outreach plan
  • Spread the word at local meetings & events

Commitment: April ‐ July 2014
Estimated Hours: 2‐4 hours/week

  • “People person” with community connections
  • Comfortable talking to strangers
  • Experience with community organizing a plus!

We look forward to seeing you at the workshops!

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