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We created this video to tell you 4 reason's why using the lowest bid from a HVAC contractor is not in your best interest.

Be on the lookout for the "To Good To Be True" $99 Furnace Clean & Check. In this video Russ Kimball, owner of Evergreen State Heat & AC, goes over the truth behind these furnace deals.

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In our 45 plus years of experience we have done alot of work repairing and installing heaters and air conditioners.

Spring Cleaning? Don’t forget your ductwork!

We had a booth at the Everett Spring Home Show in the Comcast Center last month, and one of the other booths nearby was a maid-service.  Leslie Chapman, our Home Comfort Consultant, had one of their salespeople come by to put together a proposal for a home deep cleaning and was offered a 4 hour…

Pitfalls of the Dreaded “Sales Call” – Avoid Contractors Who Use These Tactics

When faced with buying a new heating and cooling system most homeowners have the same fear . . .  buying the wrong thing or choosing the wrong company.  Having a person across the kitchen table whose main goal it get you to BUY SOMETHING TODAY can be intimidating or off-putting.  How do you choose the…

System Replacement Suggestion

We have had one person register a ‘doesn’t recommend’ on City Search in May 2012 as Jemily S, and then she posted a similar complaint on Google+.  Her complaint was that she called us to repair her heat pump but was pressured to buy a new unit, and then she later found another company to…

Parts Mark-up

Why does a hot-surface igniter that can be found on the internet for $20 cost you over $200 when purchased from a contractor? You have a broken down furnace, and call a heating contractor who comes out, diagnoses the problem and replaces the hot surface igniter; the bill is over $200 and the technician is…

Thermostat & Filter Training

We regularly have customers call in requesting help with programming their thermostats and rather than charging for a technician to come out to your house we decided to post the user manuals along with a demonstration module that allows you to set-up and program a mock thermostat directly from your computer. Over the last 40…

What You Need To Know About Heat Pumps?

One of the most interesting things about a heat pump is that it actually has the same type of components as an air conditioner. Have you ever walked by an air conditioner outside in the summer and felt the blast of heat coming from the back? Well a heat pump blasts the heat into your…
Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Doesn’t Have to Be a Pipedream

Stop wasting your ice cubes!  Call us today for a complimentary in home consultation.  Let’s see if we can’t get you more comfortable in your own home.

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