Accreditations Earned

We are proud of the HVAC excellence we achieved with the Heat & AC accreditations and feel that these show we strive to continually improve our Heat & AC service.

Lean & Green Advantage

Evergreen State Heat & AC with the LEED Certified awardAt Evergreen State Heat and AC our motto is “Lean & Green”; as that is the strategic advantage we have in our marketplace, and that is where we provide the most value to our customers:

We’re Lean

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler
(Albert Einstein):

Management & Office – We have eliminated walls as barriers to communication in our open office, we have embraced “office muda” meetings and processes to identify and eliminate waste and we have leveraged technology to eliminate the need for paper

Inventory – We have standardized parts for all departments to reduce inventory by 80%. We have embraced cycle counting and tracking to ensure proper stock and levels.

Field – We always look to find the simplest method to meet customer expectation and regulation requirements, and regularly collaborate to pass along ideas.

Corrective Action – We learn from our mistakes and then teach others on to avoid them.

But Not Simpler – We get all permits and do not take shortcuts that would jeopardize the safety of the customer nor efficiency of the system.

And We’re Green

Champions are champions not because they do the extaordinary, but because they do the ordinary better than anyone else
(Chuck Noll, 4 time Super Bowl Coach for Steelers)

Our Building – Our office/shop will set the example as the first LEED Existing Building Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) Certified Building in Snohomish County.

Our Management – Our owner, Russ Kimball, is the first LEED EBOM Accredited Professional based in Snohomish County to replicate this process for others.

Green Energy – We have solar hot water for our office/shop and will soon have photovoltaic power.

Our Vehicles – All our newest veicles are 24 MPG diesel Sprinters and we will replace all older vehicles with high efficiency vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance – Our foundation is HVAC service and retrofit, we believe in preventive maintenance for our customers to save energy and extend system life.

Energy Efficiency – We have developed skills in building energy audits, system recommissioning and LEED evaluations to serve our customers needs for lower energy bills and greater comfort for tenants.

Registered Snohomish County PUD Public Utility District No.1 Contractor

Registered Snohomish County PUD Public Utility District No.1 Contractor.

Evergreen State Heat & AC is a registered Snohomish County PUD Public Utility District No.1 Contractor.

Authorized Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor – One Of Only A Dozen In The Puget Sound

So What Is a Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Diamond Contractor?

Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers are independent contractors that have reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Division. They have successfully completed factory training in the areas of applications, sales and service for the Mr. Slim product. These independent dealers have invested their time to obtain personalized, hands-on training (including practice on Mr. Slim equipment) at one of our 5 Training Centers or one of our Mitsubishi-approved Training Centers (MATC) in order to provide you with the most professional quality installation and maintenance for your Mr. Slim HVAC product. A Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer offers you the most reliable environmental comfort available with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heating and air-conditioning products.

Evergreen State Heat & AC

Recent Testimonial

"Highly recommend Evergreen! We've been happy customers for nearly 20 years. Rich, Cliff and Levi recently completed installation of new Trane S9V2 furnace and Trane XL16i air conditioner units at our home in Mill Creek. I took some time lapse video if you want to experience their 8 hour day in 9 minutes (search for "Trane S9V2 Installation" on YouTube). These guys will treat you like family!"

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