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Noteworthy items covered with our In Home Consultation about your heating & cooling needs will be hvac replacement cost, hvac repair cost, cost of replacing air conditioner and or furnace replacement cost.

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Here we grow again! Check out our new Bellevue location

Evergreen has opened our 2nd location in Bellevue, born out of a merger with Eastside Heating & Air Conditioning
100 Club Award

Snohomish County PUD – 100 Club Award for 2016

The 100 Club is an award earned by a PUD Contractor who passes all inspections for the year with 100% accuracy. This year only 4 HVAC companies of the 19 available to homeowners was given this prestigious award.

WARNING Recent HVAC Scam Targeting Elderly

Recently HVAC customers in Washington and Oregon have been the victim of a scam involving solicitation cold calls which result in a threats based on servicing their furnace and/or cleaning their ductwork.  This started in Oregon and is mainly targeted towards elderly customers and has branched into Washington in the last few months. An example…
South Everett ductless heat pump project.

HEATWISE South Everett: Successful Ductless Heat Pump Program 2014

In 2013 a non-profit organization whose goal is to lower the carbon footprint in the Pacific Northwest, called Northwest SEED, partnered with Snohomish County PUD for a ductless heat pump promotion program.  The goal was to use economy of scale to get the best pricing and quality with a trusted PUD contractor and target a…

If You Like Us, Let The World Know!

Since we bought Evergreen State Heat & AC 16 years ago (back then we went by Evergreen State Sheet Metal) we have obtained literally hundred’s (if not thousands) of notes, letters, and thank you calls about the excellent service we provide in the field by our technicians and installers, and outstanding response and service by…

HEATWISE: South Everett – Ductless Heat Pump Project

We are thrilled to announce we have been selected by Snohomish County PUD and Northwest SEED as the contractor for the upcoming HEATWISE: South Everett Ductless campaign. This program is designed to educate homeowners in the geographical area pictured above on the benefits of installing a ductless heat pump in their home. We are offering…

Pitfalls of the Dreaded “Sales Call” – Avoid Contractors Who Use These Tactics

When faced with buying a new heating and cooling system most homeowners have the same fear . . .  buying the wrong thing or choosing the wrong company.  Having a person across the kitchen table whose main goal it get you to BUY SOMETHING TODAY can be intimidating or off-putting.  How do you choose the…

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Recent Testimonial

"Great job! None of the other contractors even bothered to mention PUD Rebates when I told them I wanted to change my electric furnace to a heat pump. The Evergreen sales gal even brought me the paperwork to fill out."

Heat Pump Installation

Job Score: 100
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